The Last Unicorn - Tarot & Oracle Deck by Geekify Inc

Created by Geekify Inc

A tarot deck by Geekify Inc based on the favorite film, The Last Unicorn. 100% officially licensed merchandise brought to life!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

96% Completed!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 12:54:14 AM

Greetings, unicorn fans! 

Just wanted to give you all a quick update! By now most of you have received your decks, and we're right at the very end of fulfillment - we're at 96% completed. August was a huge push to get most of the big bulky rewards out, and we're thrilled to finally be able to walk around in the warehouse again (somewhat). Even with temps, it took a ton of labor hours to get things packed and shipped out into the world. Every morning we would open the rolling warehouse door and "unpack" a workstation outside to assemble, sort, pick, bubble wrap, label, and seal packages. We processed a ton of the remaining batches simultaneously to get through the vast majority of the outstanding orders.

Packing in progress

Despite building all of the boxes in advance (boxes that fit the deck boxes like a glove), we found that the transit was a little too brutal on a few orders, and rather than spending time and resources dealing with boxes damaged in transit, we instead made the call to upgrade the size of the box altogether and pad and package them with even more layers to ensure a safer journey. Thus, all of the box assembly had to restarted from scratch with newer, bigger boxes, with more mountains of bubble wrap, and increased postage. 

The chaos has receded

Our mailman has grown to hate us, despite liberal dosings of homemade cookies for the USPS staff for all their tireless efforts, as we filled truck after truck with vast swaths of cardboard. 

We've been less communicative lately because we've been rather short-staffed of main company people, and we've got a *huge* backlog of both work and emails right now. We will be sorting through it all and addressing everything as we are able. We've currently got 4% of the orders left to go out and we're waiting for more materials to finish out the last of the bunch. 

 in case you're wondering:

1) If your order is in pre-shipping and hasn't been updated - we know. We have a roll of printed orders that are awaiting packing materials. They will move soon; there's nothing wrong, they're just tied up on our end for one reason or another, probably awaiting something internally. 

2) If you have not received your tracking number - we know. We have a number of orders in our shipping software queue that we will process, but that are also tied up on our end for one reason or another. 

3) If you have not received an answer to your email yet - we know that too! They will be answered and dealt with, but it *is* taking us a long while to get through. 

We know you know!

4) If you are missing components from your order, send us a message (not leave a comment) - we can add the components needed to the queue. It might takes us a while to respond to your message, but we'll get to it before it's all said and done!

5) If your cards arrived damaged, we will work with you to get that fixed. It's admittedly a little lower down the totem pole of priorities, but we can swap out your deck. 

If you have not yet received your order or any direct communication, please know - your order has not been forgotten - there's nothing wrong and it's still coming. Once we have every single last order out the door, we will send out a triumphant cry of victory, and if you haven't gotten your details at *that* point, that's the time to wonder if it's slipped through the cracks. For now, we have an ever fluctuating 263 tabs in Chrome of open emails - some of them inquiries, some customer service issues, some of them merely comments and praises for the decks. All of them need to be dealt with (and more arrive daily), but we'll get to them all. 

While we want to acknowledge emails and inquiries as we receive them, it's honestly far more helpful for both sides for us to respond to your inquiries when we are able, instead of getting pinged multiple times and to let you know that the message was received, but not be able to answer the meat of the inquiry in between.  

The outstanding final 4% of orders is taking time, but we're getting shipments of another batch of supplies in around Sept 23rd (since the different shipping boxes took an uncommon size, and a lot more packing material than before). 

Our next update will be our post-mortem and wrap up, once we've sent out the last of the packages into the world, and we'll put out a general call at that time for support issues to resolve, so we can close out the project. 

Till then, stay geeky!

Nearing the end...
4 months ago – Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 02:13:13 AM

Hello dear friends and woodland creatures,

The shipping has been proceeding apace, and we just wanted to give you an update. Firstly, a huge kudos to everyone who responds right away to the tracking emails with any relevant address updates - you guys have been nailing it, and we haven't had any bouncebacks yet.

There was an issue with the books that's currently snagging things at the moment - the new batch is on the way, and we've deliberately split up shipments from our manufacturer via air and sea of the replacement books (books are heavy, and bulky), to get more orders out the door more quickly. That means we'll have another surge of orders going out presently when air freight arrives, and the rest will be finished next month when the new books arrive by sea. We would have updated sooner, but it was a hitch that we were anticipating taking a much shorter time and kept getting pushed back a week at a time, before we finally decided to bite the bullet and not rush it, to make sure it was done right. 

Our internal timeline was to have all of the pre-orders completed by the end of July, which we're still on track to do. This pushes a number of decks into next month instead of only the final trickle, but we're doing it to ensure that the quality remains high. They'll go quickly once the replacements are in, so that's a plus. 

 As a reminder, and since we won't be splitting shipments, if you *just* want to get the cards, with none of the extras, just contact us directly and we can send out a deck to you to complete your order. Those we've got ready, and the complete package of extra components is really the only sticking point at present.  

Also, since we didn't get around to posting these in the previous posts, here was a behind-the-scenes look at the boxes before dyeing and the finished result of the books while they were in production. 

Beautiful boxes!
Beautiful boxes!

For those interested, the panels of the boxes are CNC'd simultaneously in batches, with the motors all mirroring each other to trace and carve consistent paths.  

Pallets and pallets of cards! Even the cardstock boxes turned out magically. 

The foil stamped beasts that are causing the slowdown. We're pretty pleased with them across the board, we just wanted to make sure they were turning out correctly and consistently to match the decks and the boxes.

We encourage you to post as your decks arrive! Show us your readings, show us your spreads, show off all those decks in full glory. I don't believe you can post photos directly in the comments sections, so Imgur, Dropbox, or direct links are helpful. If you send them to us in email, we're happy to post them to our social media channels as well.

If you've received a label and it has not updated: there are a number of labels that get held up for any number of reasons before they go out - sometimes there's an issue with the label, the address formatting chokes the software, we need to update the address in the batch and some of the orders in that group get pulled, or a host of other reasons. We've got a handful of labels that need to be reprocessed and we'll be circling back around to those soon, so if you have one that hasn't updated, you should see it start to move shortly.

If the wait has been overly long for you, you can only imagine how vexing it's been for us. We have a number of projects we have on hold until we see this one through to completion, things that we've put a pin in but are *extremely* excited to share with you later this summer, for the Last Unicorn and beyond.

We were hoping to make Post #50 the "All Done" post, but that'll just have to be lucky number #51. Later on we'll do a post-mortem followup post on everything we learned, things we could have done better, and the road from here. It's been an interesting and educational road, since tarot decks were so new for us, and we had such a great opportunity to do some epic things with this one. 

We're in the final lap now!

-The Geekify Crew

Shipping in Progress!
5 months ago – Mon, May 13, 2019 at 02:45:23 AM

Happy May to you all!

At last, the moment you've been waiting for! Fulfillment is underway (and has been!)

We'd been quietly shipping some orders already, and finally have time to make a formal update. Some of you have already gotten your tracking information, and many of you are queued up. This last and final step takes awhile (a looong while), and a lot of people have customized orders that take more effort than others. Please read this carefully, as it will hopefully answer many of your questions in advance. 

When your order is being processed, you will get an email to the email address you provided. That email contains your mailing address and a reflection of what you purchased. If anything appears wrong, please contact us directly. 

If you have not received your tracking number, your order has not come up yet.  We're getting people writing in a panic that they have not received their order yet and assuming something is wrong. We have thousands of orders we are processing, and we have everyone's order in the database, and they will be processed in time. We will post a final update when they're all out the door - if you have not gotten a tracking number at that point, then that is the time to ask about it.

If you receive a tracking number and it does not update past pre-shipment for awhile, we are processing your batch. We are processing similar items in batches and picking and allocating inventory accordingly. Sometimes the label gets generated and put on a box that's ready to go, and sometimes it might get generated awhile before your order is packed. (On rare occasion, it can also indicate that the label got creased and might not get scanned along the way for tracking updates.) Inquiries are welcome, but more than likely the answer is going to be that it's getting packed up shortly. 

If you receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number, and you need to change your address, contact us directly. We hold shipped orders in quarantine for a little while just for last minute updates, and it saves a lot of bouncebacks. We can still change your address if you write us within about 24 hours, otherwise it's headed to the address on file.

If you have questions about your orders, contact us directly. Do not post your addresses or personal information in the comments.

All cards have been charged - if your card failed to charge, you would have gotten an email about it and a chance to correct it. Most everything was billed a long time ago, so this most recent charge cycle last month was only on the extras that people had ordered and on the last minute add-ons people had. There's nothing else you need to do unless you are an extremely uncommon circumstance (and you probably already know who you are). 

International orders have a few additional complications.

-They take a while to ship to foreign countries

-They do not always update their tracking numbers once they leave the USA

-Your local post office might hold the package for any relevant customs fees that your country charges you

-Please be on the lookout for notifications from your post office *or* contact your local post office if your tracking hasn't updated in about a week (once it has left the USA). We have zero control over mail once it leaves our workshop, and especially once it leaves the country. Packages that are not claimed or picked up will often get returned to the sender, and we are not responsible for bouncebacks - you will have to pay to have it shipped again if your package bounces back.

One last reminder - this is a slow process. As with every step of the journey, we want to make sure that we are doing it thoroughly, as errors in shipping can mean a lot of extra money and time spent in emails, processing, shipping cost, and frustration for all parties. We are taking our time in being methodical - please do not rush us; we promise we are doing the best we possibly can.

Finally, you've all been so incredibly patient, and we hope you find your pledge rewards to be more than worth the wait! We've done a few other things to help make up for the long wait that we haven't posted about, so enjoy! We'd love to see your pictures and see your decks in action, if you want to send us photos!

Peter S. Beagle's Birthday on Saturday, April 20th!
6 months ago – Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 01:56:28 AM

Hey all! We just wanted to give you a heads up that this Saturday (April 20) is Peter S. Beagle's 80th birthday, should you want to wish him a happy birthday. Our beloved author is smashing through the four score barrier. We're in Salt Lake City, UT for FanX this weekend and might not have time to post on the day of, so here's your advance warning. (Also, stop by and say hi if you're at FanX - we'll be at Booth 1303!)

This guy!
This guy!

He and his crew keep up on social media via Facebook and Twitter on live events, so send him all your love 



And Tachyon Publications has sales ongoing of signed copies of Peter's works - details on their Twitter. 

Thanks for adding enchantment to our world through all your works and writings, Peter! Hope you have an amazing birthday!

Last Call - Addresses Locking, Orders Finalizing!
6 months ago – Thu, Apr 04, 2019 at 11:23:16 PM

Hello Einhorns! 

Welcome to Spring! Hope some of you got to see Peter S. Beagle at WonderCon this past weekend!

The shipment of cards from Peter S. Beagle is finalized and we're ready to begin preliminary packing phase presently!

Guide Book Available!

The guide book is now available in PDF form for anyone who loses theirs, needs a quick online consultation when doing their readings, or just wants to see more deck content in advance. We hope you enjoy it! Warning, the guide book contains card art, so if you're wanting to wait for the decks to see the final deck art, you might want to skip this for now. 

This will find a more permanent home later (when I figure how to upload files to be public-facing on the Geekify website), but here it is for now!  

Addresses Locking

This is your last and final call for address updates! We are locking everything and beginning order imports on Monday, April 8th! 

You'll get one last shot in the future to fix any goof ups when your shipping order confirmation email comes in, which will list your shipping address, and if you see an error on it, you'll have about 24 hours to get it fixed up. It's a pain in the butt to do it that way and can hold up other orders, so make sure you're up-to-date before then!  

Orders Finalizing

Anything not on your order by April 8th will not be included in this shipment and will need to be a subsequent shipment. We'll have everything as a permanent addition to the store afterwards. Send us a message if you want anything added in, as the BackerKit doesn't always let you add things directly at this point. 

Cards Charging

In tandem with this, this is your final reminder that cards will be charged on April 8th for anything additional you have purchased. As before, if your card doesn't go through, you'll get an email notification and you will have a few days to fix it. Contact us directly if you encounter any issues. Don't panic - we'll help you get it resolved! 

That's it for now! We've got our work cut out for us, so if you need us, we'll be drowning in boxes and bubble wrap for the next two months :).